What's your favorite color?

My favorite paintings

First Marketing by Lilly Martin Spencer.
Heart of the Andes by Frederic Edwin Church.
Augustus Saint-Gaudens by Kenyon Cox.

First Marketing

This painting is so funny for so many reasons. First of all that's the artist's real husband like can you imagine her asking him to pose like that. Like he looks so frustrated like it's not that serious anyways I love this piece so much it's hilarious.

Heart of the Andes

Normally I'm not a landscape person but this piece is huge like you have to see it in person to really appreciate it I think. Anyways the artist Frederic Edwin Church signed his name on the tiny tree in the bottom left corner which I think is such a nice spot to put it.

Augustus Saint-Gaudens

Again, I think this is one of those pieces you have to see in person to appreciate. Augustus Saint-Gaudens was an artist, and this was painted while he was sculpting. It's so fun when artists draw eachother like idk